18 July 2014

freelensing attempts vol. #3

Someone tell me why I like this photo.

Leaving for my grandparents' on Sunday. I have to book a bus ticket since I positively can't stand it there for more than a week. Going out with Ruu on Tuesday (SOOOOOOO EXCITEEEEEED), eyeyey <3 Also maybe seeing Tess there, we were planning on celebrating her birthday, but she's not staying for so long. Otherwise, no big news, spending most of my times learning Italian and all. Took a few photos today. Nothing extra though, I almost melted on the sun and had to go back inside as quick as possible and my camera has some problems with freelensing inside, so... sorry. 

Still, enjoy the photos. Also, no article separator today. The article is WAY too short for that.
PS: The music is "Zeppelin" by the wonderfully talented Eli Lieb.

15 July 2014

new morning

Buon girono!

Yup, I'm back from Italy. I wish I could have spent more time there. I'm thinking that maybe next year I'll just find some random person on couchsurfing and spend more time there. I'd love to visit Rome and Venice. Also, since my love for Italy and Italian... well, everything from food to people to language has reached Ruu's love for Swedish, I started taking Italian course on Duolingo today. Seriously, I have been there like five or six times and all that I am able to say in italian is "buon giorno"/"ciao", "buona notte", "grazie" and the few things Assassin's Creed II taught me (very useful phrases like "requiescat in pace", haha). So, I decided to put a stop to it and actually learn the language. And I'm SO EXCITED!


Anyway, the week in Calabria... plenty hot, although it rained a little, which is really uncommon, as well as the stormy nature of the sea we experienced most of the week. Also, new people and all, currently chatting with one of them, a guy sharing my sense of humor and love for fantasy, on WhatsApp about Prague AND the weather. We played QUIDDITCH (!!!) in the swimming pool, and went for ice cream at two in the morning. Twice. 

Can I marry the ice cream? 

Also, football. I'm highly disappointed with how the World Cup ended, but what can I do? I never was and probably never will be a fan of Germany when it comes to football (and language for that matter) so I hoped for Argentina to win when Spain got out pretty much in the beginning, but never mind.

By the way, sorry sweetie, I am still just as cheese-coloured as I was when I left, hah. :D

Plus, we didn't go for a trip we were planning since it was way more expensive than we expected, so I didn't really take many photos, only like a hundred, haha (to compare, last year in Greece, I took over four hundred photos in four days, hah). So, I picked some of them, enjoy, and I'll probably write again during the week. Or I won't. We'll see. Ciao. 

Stromboli. Sunset. Uneven horizon. Hah. "Postcard photo", but I still like it.

6 July 2014

everybody wants to rule the world

... so much for promising to write more often and then not giving a fuck for a week. Also, no photos today because I'm a lazy piece of shit. Also, Alexander Skarsgård FUCKING RUINED MY LIFE WITH HIS PORTRAYAL OF ONE OF MY FAVOURITE BOOK CHARACTERS EVER like seriously, this fucking man is a miracle. Hah. And yes, I have been watching WAY too much True Blood lately.

large.gif (500×274)

I have developed two things recently. The first one is a passionate love for Lorde, Anne Hathaway and above mentioned Alexander Skarsgård. The second one is actually one that more like "leveled up" than just randomly appeared out of nowhere, and that would be the passionate hatred for straight people: more specificaly straight girls who behave like whores and straight guys who think they're the hottest person on Earth and that everyone wants to just jump in the bed with them or something.

I mean seriously, don't judge me or anything, those of you who know under which circumstances I got back together with my ex... well, sort of got back together, it's rather complicated... can probably imagine that I'm no saint either and neither is she and all, so you might ask... who am I to judge then? I shouldn't. I know that. But recently, all I see around me is straight guys being treated like shit by their girlfriends who are simply unable to stay faithful or whatever and straight girls lamenting on how the world is all fucked up.

Well surprise, bitch, the world is all the way it always was, you just couldn't keep your legs closed and probably caught some STD because you're one stupid-ass piece of a living barbie doll with so much lip gloss it reflects more light than a disco ball, so PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP your stupidness is not a problem of the world around you, it's yours and nobody is about to do something about it but you so you can just keep fucking with your life or do something with it, your choice.

Anyway, I'm too pissed off and leaving for Italy tomorrow morning, so... ciao for the week.

29 June 2014

just be

What can I say? I'm sorry. Quite a lot of things have happened since the last article - and they weren't really good things which means I wasn't in a mood to write, really. I listened to the Paloma Faith album I bought in UK a lot, drew some things, but nothing worth publishing, and actually made a storyboard for my first short animated video ever which I'm really excited for and I hope I'll be able to finish working on it by the end of the week. It's supposed to be a stop-motion video made of photos, I'm currently working on drawings of how the final makeup and costume should look like and also whether or not to color the video, so... well, the moment it's done, I'll post it here, of course.

Still, I'm not really in mood for talking about my life much further, so I'll talk about the final grades I got this year. The photographic practice finals went quite alright, I got a B, which is also my final grade of that class (uff) and besides that I have three more Bs - IT, digital technologies, and the art history, which I actually knew since the second half of the year begun and I'm happy for it turning out that way. Otherwise, all As. I feel like such a nerd with the grade average of 1,3, hahaha.

Anyways, I'm happy for the holidays. I'm leaving for Italy next week, no internet connection there so no articles until the week after. Also, I'm looking forward to celebrating Tess's birthday by the end of July in Hradec Králové and also seeing Ruu there as well, although probably not on the same day, I'm really SO HAPPY TO SEE MY SWEETIE AGAIN. <3 Living 200 kilometers away from each other makes it complicated seeing each other :c

Also, I took some photos at my aunt's last week, so here they are. Needless to say, I fell in love with freelensing SO HARD I almost broke my nose, and I experimented a little, so there is less of the photos this time since I didn't really have time to make more of them. Shame.

16 June 2014

already home

I will bend every light in this city
And make sure they're shining on you

The finals... I don't know what to think about it. It was not hard, at least it didn't seem so, but we didn't get any grade or anything that would tell us how good (or bad) we really were, which simply means that the way I feel about it is totally unimportant. Anyway, the exam took 15 minutes and "my turn" came at 9:45. I would've been home by 12, but I forgot my camera at school and had to go back for it, therefore I missed a bus and I was home by half past twelve.

Also, I finally found a way to free-lens with my Sony DSLR. Yup, the perks of having a closing mechanism on the aperture ring that makes the aperture ring close the moment I detach the lens. Anyway, it wasn't so hard to google-out a way to make the aperture ring open manually, which means I gathered all my enthusiasm and went to try the free-lensing with my sister. I love portraits and I love macro photography, so I nearly fainted from the awesomeness of the pictures. Not even talking about the fact that finding out the way to open the aperture ring will make it so much easier to shoot with the reverse ring I got for Christmas and used like... three times since. BIG YES!

Anyway, nothing new since the weekend, but I promised some photos and I promised news on the finals, which means that 1) I had to write today because I went shooting on Saturday evening and also I went shooting today and 2) I promise that the moment I know something more about how the finals went, I'll write again, either an update for this article or a new one, depends on how much excited I will be for the result. Photos in the rest of the article, ciao.